4- & 5- day Training Camps

The Dutch Elite offers a wide variety of soccer Summer camps throughout the Dutchess County area. Our soccer Summer camps are geared toward improving each player’s individual technique in a fun-filled environment. Dutch Elite is unique in its camps because it not only focuses on typical dribbling, passing and first touch drills, but emphasizes the tactical aspect of the game in a fun-filled, challenging and professional environment. Dutch Elite focuses on decision making on the field, realizing when to make what decision on the field. (And perhaps more importantly, when NOT to do something – particularly important in the modern day game.) Our camps are for all players ages 7 through 16.

What do the Dutch Elite Training camps offer?

– Full-day camp experience (9:00AM-3:00PM) AND Half-day camp experience (9:00AM – 11:30PM
– All participants will receive an official Duth Elite Soccer Academy t-shirt
– Age-appropriate curriculum, created by teachers and soccer professionals
– Low camper to trainer ratio
– Adjusted curriculum for teams
– Fun-filled and challenging environment!
– All levels (rec to premier)!
– Ages 7 through 16

Typical camp day
9:00am Warm-up (coordination / brain development)
9:30am Dribbling and Moves
10:15am Passing and Receiving
11:00am 1 v. 1, 2 v. 1, 3 v. 2
11:30am Lunch
12:30pm Warm-up
1:00pm First Touch
1:45pm Tactical drills (implementing day’s topic)
2:30pm Scrimmages

Every day will have a different main topic i.e. Attacking, Defending, Transition-to-Defense and Transition-to-Attack.

Dates & Locations

5-day Training Camp: Nansen Fields:  Monday August 5th – Friday August 9th
4-day Training Camp; Nansen Fields; Monday August 26th – Thursday August 29th 

Hyde Park:
5-day Training Camp; Creek Road Fields, Monday August 12th – Friday August 16th


4-day Camp: Half day $150, Full day $220
5-day Camp: Half day $175, Full day $275
For single day pro-rates ($40 half day & $65 full day), please contact us at info@thedutchelite.com.

For questions about our Summer Camps, please contact us at frederic@thedutchelite.com, 845-702-8514.

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