Year Around Teams (2006 through 2002)

Our Year Around Academy Program offers one practice a week, throughout the year (excluding July and August). The practices during the Spring will be outdoors on Saturdays, practices during the Winter will be indoors (Futsal) on Weekdays (December through March).

Try Outs coming up for the 2002/2003/2004 Boys and Girls age group!!! Do you want to improve your skills? Become the Star you want to be?! Then register now for our Try Outs on Monday November 7th and Wednesday November 9th!! Our Try Outs will be indoors, as we this will be after the end of daylight saving.
Monday November 7th;
4:00-5:00PM at Stone Church Field (Stone Church Rd & Yantz Rd, Rhinebeck, NY) for both boys and girls

Wednesday November 9th:
5:00-6:00PM 2002/2003/2004 Girls
6:00-7:00PM 2002/2003/2004 Boys
Taconic Retreat Center (64 White Dr., Milan, NY)

Our program contains:
– One practice every week (September through June)
– One Tournament during Spring
– Two Tournaments during Winter (Futsal)
– Official Dutch Elite Soccer Academy uniform



$725, year around (September through June) (including all of the above)
$625, December through June
$500, Winter only
Pricing for your program depends on the amount of practices and tournaments. We will give you a detailed description during the Try Outs.

Futsal Tournaments;
One Tournament in NJ
One Tournament in NY (if not available we will play 2 Futsal tournaments in NJ)

Spring Tournament;
Memorial Day Tournament




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