College Recruiting Video

Our College Recruiting Video services for all serious athletes in the Tri-State area. We come to your game to create an introduction video and videotape you around all activities on the field during game day. From warm-up to walking off the field. All of this footage is used to create a video that shows the following:

  • Personal introduction of player
  • Players position (s) on the field
  • Players strengths on the field
  • Players school preferences
  • Players technical and tactical abilities

Our videos are perfect to send to coaches of colleges you are interested in.


Standard $199
Includes: All of the above

Deluxe $249
Includes: All of the above and help with sending Emails to college coaches

Extreme $349
Includes: All of the above, help with sending Emails to college coaches and 2 (!!) games video taped

For all information or to schedule a phone interview to discuss your College Recruiting Video needs, please do not hesitate to contact us at
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