Individual GK Training

The best way to improve your goalkeeping skills is with one of our individual goalkeeper training sessions. Our professional goalkeeping staff will create a curriculum especially formed around your needs. Want to see huge improvements in a small period of time?! Contact us now!

During our individual training sessions we work on:

  • Reflexes
  • Distribution
  • Diving
  • Handling
  • Agility
  • Decision making
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Covering angles
  • High balls

$80 / hour for one goalie
$100 / hour for two goalies ($50 each)
$120 / hour for three goalies ($40 each)
$140 / hour for four goalies ($35 each)
$30 per goalie per hour for groups of 5 and up
10% discount if you buy a block of 6 sessions at once

For all information and to sign up for individual sessions please contact us at

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