Private training

Becoming the Star you want to be takes many hours of practice. Some of the things a player needs to work on can be difficult to teach in a Team Training Environment. Our Private Training or Small Group training accelerates the development of players at all ages and level. For one hour, your child will get all the individual coaching he/she needs. If your child is a great dribbler but needs work on his/her shot, or if your player needs to work on his/her first touch, this is a great way to improve in a relatively short period of time.

Player Specific Curriculum

Before the start of the first Private Training, we will create a curriculum personalized for your player. This way we can create a challenging and fun environment for your child on which they will improve the attributes they need to work on the most. During the Private Training sessions our coaches will adjust the curriculum where needed, to make sure the practices stay both challenging and enjoyable.

Our Private Training or Small Group Training sessions are all based on the Dutch Philosophy of soccer. Controlling the ball, dribbling, passing and first touch will receive main priority in these Private Training sessions.
It is also possible to do Private Training sessions with multiple players of the same age and level. This gives our coach the opportunity to put all the skills learned in real game situations right away (1 versus 1, 2 versus 1, 2 versus 2).

Pricing Private Training

One hour of Private Training is $80. Every additional player is $20 extra.
There are options to book multiple training sessions at the same time, which will decrease the hourly rate for your player.
For information about our Private Training or Small Group Training program, or for any additional questions, please contact us at: or at 845-309-4969.

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