Team training

Dutch Elite offers the highest level of Team Training to your club. There is a variety of options when considering Team Training with Dutch Elite. One thing is always a certainty, you will get the highest level of coaching and experience in the Tri-State Area at the best price on the market.

Having a Dutch Elite coach for your Team Training offers you a huge advantage for your kids. At the beginning of every season, your trainer will sit down with your Parent Coach and/or Manager to create accurate goals for all the players within your team. Together with the Parent Coach and/or Manager we will create age appropriate goals that are a good fit for the team and individual level of the players. These goals will be outlined in a document that will be sent to all coaches and managers of the team. This way you not only have a professional coach running your practices, but we are also educating your coaches and managers in the process.
Every training session, a summary will be sent to all the coaches and managers. This way they can keep track of the development of all the players and have a great tool and resource for future practices.

Dutch Elite is able to host Team Training for one practice a week, two practices a week or for Full-Time coaching (two practices and game day coaching). Team Training for one day each week gives the Parent Coach the opportunity to get guidance in his or her coaching and implement this in their own practice the other day. We also offer Team Training for two days a week, which is a great way to develop individual skills of the players. The kids will learn What to do, How to do it and When to do it at the pace needed in modern day soccer.

If you want the Full-Time Professional coaching experience for your players, we highly recommend Full-Time coaching. This contains two practices a week and game day coaching. This allows our coaches to work on all the aspects needed in modern day soccer and implement these in the game day coaching.
This is the ultimate way for our coaches to develop your players to the stars they want to be.

For questions about Team Training, please contact us at or at 845-309-4969.

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